Christmas Eve Service: 5pm at Boar's Head (no morning service).



Here at CCC we value diversity and want our church to reflect God's love for all people. Part of that diversity includes people with disabilities and/or other particular needs. We understand that a church service does not always feel like a welcoming and comfortable environment for people who may have physical or behavioral differences and that this presents a real barrier for many people’s ability to become involved in a local church. We want you to know that all are welcome and valued at CCC not only in spite of but because of the differences we have and the way those differences reflect important aspects of the character of God. To that end we want to support you and/or your family in whatever ways possible.

Here are a few things to note about the accessibility of our church:
  • Our building has numerous ADA accessible entrances and ramps leading into our service space and room within the service to accommodate physical needs
  • We have plenty of easily accessible areas to calm down and take a break or use up some extra energy
  • Our CommKids director would love to connect with you to discuss accommodations or specific needs for your children

If you would like to talk about any specific accommodations or supports that would be beneficial to you or your family, or if you’d like to see the space before joining on a Sunday, please reach out to us! You can direct any questions, requests, or other thoughts to McKenzie Markham. Hope to see you on Sunday morning!