We are currently meeting at First Baptist Park Street on Sundays at 5pm. Click here for COVID-19 updates.


For those who are ready and able, we are currently meeting for in-person worship at 5pm at First Baptist Church Park Street.

We know you have tons of questions, so here we seek to answer a few of them:

How do I know if I should come? 
  • Are you (and your family, if applicable) fully healthy and free of any and all potential symptoms of COVID? If not, please do not come and endanger the health of others. 
  • Use your discretion: You need to consider the level of risk you are willing to take if you are 65 or older or have seriously underlying health conditions.
I'm not ready to come. Is there going to be live streaming of the worship service?
Absolutely! No one will be left behind. There will be true live streaming with log in information to come. You can also watch it later if you can't make it at 5pm. Again, no one is left behind and we have plans for live streaming moving forward.

What cleaning, sanitizing measures are being taken?
  • We are going to make sure everything gets fully sanitized before and after the church service
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance and exit

What should I expect when I come?
  • Bring your mask but we will have a few extras if you need one
  • Parking: We will have it blocked and marked off for you with a parking team showing you where to park
  • The main, front sanctuary entrance (facing Park Street) is the only entrance open
  • All are required to wear masks at all times—other than those on the stage
  • Ushers will direct you to your seat and help you exit by section
  • If you have quarantined with friends, you can sit with them

What about my kids?
  • There will be no CommKids at this time, but a sheet is provided at the door to help children engage with the service
  • As usual, all children are welcome to worship with their family in the sanctuary
  • All children will be expected to stay close to their parents at all times

 When can I hang out with people?
  • Understanding that fellowship is important, we invite those interested in hanging out to the lawn directly across from the sanctuary exit. This serves two purposes: 1. It keeps the exit unclogged, and 2. It allows those who are comfortable enough to come to church but not yet ready to socialize the opportunity to come without feeling like they are taking risks they are not yet ready to take. 
  • We really, really ask for you to do your part in maintaining social distancing when inside or outside. 

What about the 3 H's (hugs, high-fives, handshakes)? Can we do those?
Sorry, but no. Or at least not yet. We know this is not awesome, but for now, we really want to do our part to create the safest environment. We want to take a conservative approach and ask for you to help us out with this request.
Can I volunteer to serve?
Absolutely! The return to in-person worship means the return of servant leaders. We are looking to fill many roles, such as:
  • Parking
  • Security 
  • Tech / sound
  • Ushers / greeters
  • Cleaning crew (before and after the service)
We are going to be nimble and make changes as necessary. We feel like these are the right decisions for now.

Be well and seek the Lord!

Your Pastor,
Kyle Hoover