We meet on Sundays at 10am at Mountain View Elementary School.


We meet on Sundays at 10am at Mountain View Elementary School.

Here are some important updates:

How do I know if I should come? 
  • Please come to church only if you are feeling 100% healthy.  We have a livestream available for the Sundays when you have a cough, the sniffles, or worse.  
  • Use your discretion: You need to consider the level of risk you are willing to take if you are 65 or older or have serious underlying health conditions.

What about masks?
  • In accordance with the county's current policies, masks are required inside of the school. 

What about my kids?
  • CommKids has four classes available at this time: Crawlers & Cruisers, Steady Walkers, Two Year Olds, and CK-1 (ages 3-4). Pre-registration is required. Click here to pre-register.
  • As always, children are welcome to worship with their families in the sanctuary.
  • A CommKids Bulletin is available each Sunday at the main entrance to help children engage with the worship service.

I'm not ready to come. Where can I find the live streaming of the worship service?
Join us here for our live-streamed services. For more services, devotionals, and songs, please visit our YouTube channel here.

Can I volunteer to serve?
Absolutely! The return to in-person worship means the return of servant leaders. We are looking to fill many roles, such as:
  • Greeters
  • Tech / sound
  • Music ministry
  • Roadies
  • Security

Be well and seek the Lord!

Your Pastor,
Kyle Hoover